Housing Authority Launches Search Tool

The Housing Authority of Travis County (HATC) has launched a new tool to help bridge the gap between landlords looking to rent their properties and tenants in search of properties to rent. The web-based tool, www.Gosection8.com, allows landlords to list an unlimited number of properties, which subsequently gives tenants immediate access to housing opportunities that fit their needs and that is within their search preferences for housing.

“This tool will greatly aid in connecting current and prospective Housing Choice Voucher landlords to program participants thus maximizing the utilization of the resource that assists very low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled to afford decent, safe, and sanitary housing in the private market,” says HATC Housing Manager Christina Diaz, who manages all of HATC’s Voucher Programs.

“We have recently boosted our marketing and outreach strategies related to the Voucher Program in an attempt to create opportunities for affordable housing, particularly in areas north and west of Travis County,” further states Diaz.

In addition to assisting landlords with listing prospective units, the HATC will utilize www.Gosection8.com to conduct market analysis. The Housing Authority must ensure that rents charged by owners to housing choice voucher program participants are reasonable. First, the Housing Authority must compare the rent for the voucher unit to rents for similar unassisted units in the marketplace. Second, the Housing Authority must compare the rent to rents for similar units on the premises.
The utilization of www.Gosection8.com will help improve the overall management of the Housing Choice Voucher Program.
HATC is seeking to expand the number of landlords to participate in its Housing Choice Voucher Program. Additional information regarding HATC’s Housing Choice Voucher Program can be found by visiting www.hatctx.com/housing-choice-voucher/

HATC Contact:
Gabrielle Wright | gabrielle@hatctx.com | 512.480.8245