The Strategic Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC)

Strategic Housing Finance Corporation of Travis County (SHFC) works with private developers and public entities to research and create opportunities to provide affordable housing. SHFC was incorporated in 2004 as a nonprofit corporation and a public instrumentality of Travis County, Texas, organized and existing under the Texas Housing Finance Corporations Act, Chapter 394, Texas Local Government Code (the “Act”), for the public purpose of providing financing for housing development projects and initiatives within Travis County that will provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing for persons of low and moderate income at prices they can afford. The Act authorizes the Corporation to issue its revenue obligations to accomplish its public purpose. Pursuant to the Act, SHFC is exempt from state taxation. The corporation is also exempt from federal taxation under Internal Revenue Code Section 115 as a political subdivision of a state.

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It is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five (5) Travis County, Texas residents appointed by the Travis County Commissioners Court, and has a full-time staff of two employees.


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The primary business activity of SHFC is the issuance of revenue bonds for affordable multi-family housing projects that will be owned by SHFC or a controlled entity. SHFC has entered into an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with the Housing Authority of Travis County, Texas in order to leverage resources of the two entities and maximize affordability and housing options to Travis County residents of low and moderate income.

SHFC Board Members

Eddie Karam
Wilmer Roberts
Vice President
Ann Denton
John Hernandez
Robbye Meyer

SHFC Contact Information

Strategic Housing Finance Corporation

Office Location: 502 East Highland Mall Boulevard, Suite 106-B, Austin, TX 78752
Office Telephone: (512) 854-8245

Executive Director & CEO: Patrick Howard
Director of Real Estate Development: Robert Onion

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