Notice of Proposed Changes to Housing Choice Voucher and Moving to Work Plans

Sep 19, 2023 · Policy Changes
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The Housing Authority of Travis County (HATC) is proposing some changes to the Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan, Annual Plan, and Moving to Work Supplement. These changes will primarily affect non-elderly, non-disabled voucher holders. We want to make sure you are aware of these changes and get your feedback.

The proposed changes will help streamline some of our processes, reduce administrative burden, and provide more assistance to landlords - all with the goal of making the HCV program work better for everyone.

Changes affecting residents

  • Minimum Rent: HATC will establish a $75 minimum rent for non-elderly, non-disabled households. This means the minimum amount a household would pay is $75 per month.
  • Total Tenant Payment: HATC will set Total Tenant Payment (the tenant's portion of rent) at 28% of gross income for non-elderly, non-disabled households. For example, if monthly income is $1,000, the Total Tenant Payment would be $280.
  • Initial Rent Burden: HATC will approve units where initial rent portion is up to 60% of family income, increased from 40%. For example, if monthly income is $1,000, HATC will approve units with rent up to $600.
  • Deductions Eliminated: HATC will eliminate childcare and dependent deductions, which currently allow families to deduct these expenses from income, for non-elderly, non-disabled households.
  • Biennial Recertifications: HATC will conduct full recertifications every 2 years instead of annually. This is when all income and household information is reverified.
  • Self-Certification of Assets: For assets up to $50,0000, residents can provide a statement declaring their assets rather than needing to provide paperwork to verify them. This reduces the documentation that has to be provided every year.

Changes affecting landlords

  • Damage Claims: HATC will reimburse landlords for tenant damages. This incentivizes landlord participation. The total amount for damages paid will be either the actual costs to repair the damages (minus the unused portion of the tenant security deposit), or two months rent, whichever is lesser.
  • Incentive for New Landlords: HATC will pay up to 1 month's rent to landlords new to the program. This aims to recruit new landlords.
  • Triennial Inspections: HATC will inspect units at least once every 3 years instead of annually. This reduces administrative burden.

Please note that this is just a summary of the proposed changes. For more information, please review the attached documents below.

Providing feedback

We welcome your comments and questions on these! Comments will be accepted until the pending public hearing date (October 17th). You can submit comments by:

Copies of the proposed plans are available for review at the HATC administrative office. Reasonable accommodations related to reviewing this plan may be requested at or 512-854-1883.

The HATC Board of Commissioners will vote on adopting these changes at a public hearing to be scheduled for October 17th, 2023.