Explore the wide range of documents related to the Housing Authority of Travis County's policies, plans, reports, and more. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you have access to important information regarding our programs and operations.

Annual Plans

The PHA Plan is a comprehensive guide to public housing agency (PHA) policies, programs, operations, and strategies for meeting local housing needs and goals. There are two parts to the PHA Plan: the 5-Year Plan, which outlines long term property improvement, and the Annual Plan, which is prepared yearly by the Housing Authority of Travis County and the Board of Directors.

Annual Reports

Here you can find HATC’s Annual Reports since the fiscal year of 2017. These reports give a year-by-year look at the agency’s activities, accomplishments, and financial activity.

Financial Information

Here we provide public copies of our yearly third-party audited financial statements and other financial information, which are freely available to download.

Strategic Plan

As we approach our 50th anniversary in 2025, we are excited to recommit ourselves to develop, manage, and maintain vibrant communities of affordable housing, along with resident empowerment services to advance the quality of life for those most in need. We are refocusing our actions to collaborate with a wide variety of community partners to connect people with opportunities for self-sufficiency through fiscal empowerment. The challenges facing Public Housing Agencies have never been greater: reduced funding and increased demand for affordable housing. So, we sought input from all of our internal and external stakeholders. It is their knowledge and support that built this plan, which lays down the framework for greater accountability, board and staff leadership training, collaboration, communication, employee incentives, human resource guidance, stakeholder involvement, team building, and clarity of values. We are united in our commitment to achieve our vision on behalf of all we serve, and we welcome your involvement along the way so that more families may thrive!


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