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At the Housing Authority of Travis County, we value transparency and communication with our community. We hold regular board meetings to discuss and make decisions that impact our mission to provide affordable housing options in Travis County. Our meetings are open to the public and we encourage community members to attend and participate. Check out our meeting minutes and agendas below to stay informed about our progress and plans.

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Resolution No. HATC-2024-03 MTW Supplement to Annual PHA Plan

January 4, 2024

To approve the Moving to Work (MTW) Supplement to the Annual PHA Plan for fiscal year beginning January 1, 2024, which was made available for a 45-day public comment period as required, and to authorize the CEO/Executive Director to execute related documents.

Resolution No. HATC-2024-02 PHA Annual Plan

January 4, 2024

To approve the Public Housing Authority Annual Plan, which is required to be submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and provides the comprehensive guide to the Housing Authority's policies, programs, operations, and strategies for meeting local housing needs and goals.

Resolution No. HATC-2024-01 Revised HCV Admin Plan

January 4, 2024

To adopt a revised Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan with an implementation date of January 1, 2024, which provides the framework for management and administration of the HCV Program and incorporates necessary amendments in consideration of legislative changes, HUD regulations, trends, and best practices, after the specified public review and comment period.

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